April 2007

New generation to old generations..

Ek roz guzartey hoay eik gali sey
ek ilm kay talib ney mujhay rouk kay poocha
meri tou nasal suntee hai sirf aap ki baatein
hum ney na kabhi aap ko kuch kartey hi paaya

Kya aap ney sirf dee hai humein ilm ki daulat
ya khud bhi kabhi is pey amal kur kay dikhaya?

Kya aap ney sirf succh kitabon mein likha hai
ya aap ney yeh succh kabhi is shehar mein paaya?

Kya aap ney sirf jhoot sey larney ko kaha hai
ya aap ney baatil ko kabhi khud bhi haraaya?

Kya aap ney sirf waadon kay sabaq yaad karaye
ya aap ney khud bhi koyee wada hai nibhaya?

Kya aap ney sirf insaan ki qeemat hai bataayee
ya aap ney khud bhi kisi insaan ko bacchaya?

Kya aap ney jaan dainee watan per hai sikhayee
ya aap ney khud hai kuch is mutti pey lutaaya?

Kya aap ney keen khaliq sey sirf milney ki baatein
ya aap ney us ko hai kabhi khud mein bhi paaya?
Do qadam chala mein magar ehsaas-e-shikast sey
nazron ko churaatey hoay us sey yeh bola

Meri dua ha kay tum sub ho mukhtalif ta kay
kisi gali mein na is tarah sharminda ho
Humein malal hai jo bhi kaha amal na kya
magar mein khush hoon kay tum mera aayenda ho

– from ” Yeh Dunya Khubsoorat HaiCopyrights Reserved


Mujhay apney zabt pey naaz tha
meri aankh kaisey challak gayee hai yeh ghum bura hoa

Meri zindagee kay chiragh ka yeh mizaj koyee naya nahin
abhi teergee abhi roshni na jala hoa na bujha hoa

Mujhay aap kyon na samajh sakay yeh apney dil sey poochye
meri daastaan-e-hayat ka hay warq warq khula hoa

Mujhay jo bhi dushman-e-jaan mila woh pukhta kar-e- jafa mila
na kisi ki zarb ghalat pari na kisi ka waar khataa hoa

Mujhay rah mein para hoa kisi badnaseeb ka khat mila
kahin khoon-e-jigar sey likha hoa kahin aanso-oun sey mita hoa

Mujhay hamsafar mila bhi tou sitam zareef meri tarah
kayee manzilon ka thuka hoa kayee raaston ka luta hoa

– Amjad Islam Amjad

If people injure thee, grieve not
Because neither rest nor grief come from the people
Be aware that the contrasts of friend and foe are from God
Because the hearts of both are in HIS keeping
Although the arrow is shot from the bow
Wise men look at the archer

– Saadi Shirazi from “Golestan-e Saadi”

“I have immortal longings in me.”

– William Shakespeare ( Left the stage on April 26 )

Chaley aao, chaley aao
tumharey bin adhoorey hein
khushi apni mukammal hai
na ghum apney hi poorey hein
chaley aao , chaley aao…

Tumhi hur dum, yaad aatey ho
tumhi hur dum, satatey ho
tumhari hur ada hum tou
kasam jaanan!, na bhooley hein
chaley aao, chaley aao…

from ” Kho na JanaCopyrights Reserved

Sometimes I just wonder how life would be on another planet. According to our recorded history we have tried to find signs of life in other planets but could not observe its traces even if there are some.
Knowing all this uncertain situation we still keep on destroying it with our ‘comforts’ and leaving this beautiful planet for our next generations in worse shape than we got from our previous ones. Should we not act as ” amaanatdar” handing over the ‘amanah’ to the next ones in the same conditions atleast? We do not have to do something very extra ordinary as so many tell us.
What can we do in our day to day life to share this responsibility…

  • Lets switch on only one energy saving bulb when we don’t need 3..whether we are paying for it or not
  • Lets keep the flow of water to the minimum required, use hot water only when needed and shut off the taps completely when we are done.
  • Lets take minimum number of print outs when we are in office or at home.
  • Lets not use 5 paper napkins or tissue papers when we need only 2.

Lets come out of the fad and observe it whether someone is watching or not. Lets hope and wish our 5th generation finds earth as nice to live in as we found when we arrived.

Exactly 14 years ago I left the land for which Iqbal has said
zara num ho tou yeh mutti bari zarkhaiz hai saqi

Mein buhat dooor, buhat dooor nikal aaya hoon
Apni galyon ko, mohallon ko, maidaanon ko
subz-o-shadab magar veeraan mein kur aaya hoon
Is jism kay taaluq ko tou gur tour diya
rooh sey kub koyee lamha bhula paaya hoon
Mein jo hissa tha zarkhaiz haseen mutti ka
ajnabi aaj hoon taptey hoay sehraa-on mein
Kabhi jhonka tha usi baad-e-saba ka mein bhi
zinda rehna hai ab in nayee fazaon mein
Apney maazi sey biccharney ka mujhay ghum bhi hai
apney aayenda ki afkaar ka mousum bhi hai
Mujhay dekhnay waley khush tou hein
bhari daalyon ko dekh kur
Unhein kya pata kay yeh durukht
Kut chuka hai jaroun sey ab…

from ” Yeh Dunya Khubsoorat HaiCopyrights Reserved

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