In our life FATE ( how lucky or unlucky one is ) is the last word but do we have an input?
It is true what happens to us is our fate but the person who does it has all the control. S/he always has atleast two options. Examples;

  • To be murdered can be ones fate but to kill that person is not someones fate.The killer always has the choice not to.
  • To be cheated can be my fate but its not the fate of that person to cheat me. S/he always had the choice not to.
  • The amount of money we get is our fate but how ( Halal or Haram ) we get it is our own choice.

I think in first two examples one person’s fate is another person’s decision while in third case the person is responsible for his/her own fate.
To me main control lies with the power of decision and execution ,that Allah has blessed us with. It is this power that defines our or someone else’s fate. How we use it is OUR responsibility and this is why WE will be held accountable. We can not just blame fate for everything when we ( person taking the decision and executing it) are responsible for it.