There are always three things that are important in order to get what we want

  1. How much effort do you put in ( Amount of input force )
  2. How do you put in your effort ( Kind of input energy )
  3. Where do you put in your effort (Point and direction of application of force)

If #1 is not upto the mark , there is a high chance you will still get to where you wanted to but it will be very slow.

If #2 is not ideal , even then there is a chance you will get there but you may get so tired that you will not be able to enjoy it.

If #3 is not right, there is no way you will get there. It does not matter how much and what kind of input you provide, the application point is not a location that can accept it. I think most of the times we ( or the systems) fail because of the #3 , atleast I do.:)