(almost all events are true..I wrote it on easter day while sitting at my window looking outside )

The moon starts to bid ‘good bye’
all the darkness has just gone
as the sun rises to sky
hope smiles , new day has dawn
sitting down at my open window
I look to the daily life as runs;
an old lady has just passed by
past, flowing through her mind
future, as she looks to sky
a couple with three kids is out
‘Maria! Hurry’ the mother shouts
enjoying their life in gay
off they go, its easter day
a girl in her blooming youth
walks down as the sun goes high
thinking of her love just lost
looks around and silently cry
a man in his early age,
listens to music as he runs
pleasure beaming from his face
as he glanced some passing nuns
sun goes down , some birds appear
flying back to ‘home sweet home’
they chirp with glee and then sheer
the dog just barked as a car drove down
the sun disppears in the dome
it was a day in this worldly life
a life as seen through my window
and a day that will never come back

– from ” Yeh Dunya Khubsoorat HaiCopyrights Reserved