Sometimes I just wonder how life would be on another planet. According to our recorded history we have tried to find signs of life in other planets but could not observe its traces even if there are some.
Knowing all this uncertain situation we still keep on destroying it with our ‘comforts’ and leaving this beautiful planet for our next generations in worse shape than we got from our previous ones. Should we not act as ” amaanatdar” handing over the ‘amanah’ to the next ones in the same conditions atleast? We do not have to do something very extra ordinary as so many tell us.
What can we do in our day to day life to share this responsibility…

  • Lets switch on only one energy saving bulb when we don’t need 3..whether we are paying for it or not
  • Lets keep the flow of water to the minimum required, use hot water only when needed and shut off the taps completely when we are done.
  • Lets take minimum number of print outs when we are in office or at home.
  • Lets not use 5 paper napkins or tissue papers when we need only 2.

Lets come out of the fad and observe it whether someone is watching or not. Lets hope and wish our 5th generation finds earth as nice to live in as we found when we arrived.