“It was not her real name but to me she was always Leila…a symbol of love “

December 2, 2006. Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris.

“Abeera, come back here!” I heard a woman shouting as I entered the lounge. “Zain, bring her here, please don’t let her go there” she called out her son, a handsome young lad playing with a cute girl of 3. I got a glimpse of the running boy and could not believe he was Zain, same smile, same bright eyes only difference was 7 years. I turned my head towards the woman as she was talking to an old woman. She still had her back towards me but how could I forget that voice,a voice that kept me awake for night after night, week after week. Yes it was her.
“ Sharmeena,” I went ahead and called her . She turned and within one moment I saw all shades of life in her deep eyes and on her face. Time seemed to have stopped for a single moment.
“Ayaz!!!, oh my God!, I can’t believe this! Is that really you? How have you been? Where have you been? Did you get married? How come you are here?”
“ Al-hamdolillah , I am fine as ever” I smiled “and how are you?”
“ I am overwhelmed and still in shock!” she replied with her peculiar laughter “Alhamdolillah good”
“Mom, he is Ayaz” she introduced me to the old lady sitting next.
“Salam Alaikum, how are you?” I found her looking at me with lot of interest .
“ I am fine son, always heard so many things about you from Sharmeena but never
got to meet”

“finally we have, its really one of my wishes come true” I replied “I hope she didn’t tell you only bad things about me”
“not a single one!, she has always spoken very high of you. Sometimes I thought she might have created an ideal character on her own but today finally I know it was not fictitious”
“ you know how good a liar I am” she winked at me.
“ yes , that I know for sure” I looked into her eyes, same sadness, her eyes still contradict her laughter.
“Abeera” she called her again trying to avoid the eye contact.
“ let me go after them, I am tired of sitting here” her mom left us.
“ you didn’t tell me how come you are here?” she asked.
“ I am going to Toronto and you?”
“ We went to Pakistan for a visit and now going back to San Francisco” she paused “and how is Toronto?”
“ I don’t know, I don’t live there anymore”
“where do you live now?”
“ I am going back to Toronto now” I smiled “ Coffee?”
“ sure, look now they even have Starbucks in Paris”
“ one black coffee please and…” then I looked at her “ …a frappuccino” I completed my order.
“ You have not changed!“ she laughed.
“ neither have you!”.

– fromLeila – a love untold Copyrights Reserved