Next day I woke up, switched on my computer and checked my mail. There was a new mail from Sharmeena Khan.

“ Dear Ayaz,
I enjoyed talking to u very much. You know how do I feel, normally I would get bored chatting with one person, but today…I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to keep talking to u.What you said about friendships is very true, and though we have just met I hope we can have a real long lasting friendship. I want you tell me anything and everything that is on your mind. No hesitations.
Oh k…well it’s almost dinner time and I have to help my mom. My sister and brother are lazy.
Well, reply back to me soon…take care of yourself
Sharmeena ”

I sat down and started writing the reply right then.

Thanks for the email. After talking to you I have similar feelings. Friends are forever; It might sound like cliché but I do believe in it, infact I believe in everything I say. I’m lucky that somebody like yourself wants to know me and share things with me. I will not hesitate.
Hope you had enjoyed your dinner:)
Talk to you

I went to the office but whole of the day my mind was not at work rather it was wandering around somewhere in California. I felt a strange happiness; a feeling I had never experienced before.Something in my life was changed for sure. What and why, I had no idea.

– fromLeila – a love untold Copyrights Reserved