The following day Khalid asked me to join them as they were going out for dinner but I told him I wanted to be at home and try to read something.
“ Now a days you don’t seem to be normal, everything ok?” he asked
“ Yes , why? Why did you ask ?”
“ no reason, but you don’t even go out in the evenings and I don’t even see you playing like you used to do”
“ Yes, I was not feeling like it. I will join you guys next week “ I wanted to finish the conversation.
“ Ok, then will talk to you , Khuda Hafiz “ he finished the call.

I ate my dinner gulping down whatever was on the plate and then sat down at my computer staring at my screen and there she was.
“ Hi Leila, how are you “ I did not waste a single moment to message her.
“ Hey Ayaz! I am fine and you?” She seemed to bring positive energy.
“ Al-hamdolillah, am good as ever”
“ You are not mad at me, are you” she still had that thing in mind
“ Not at all, I wouldn’t have written to you if I were. I am quite an open person. When I feel good or really bad because of other person, I let her know” I clarified.
“ Thats good. I am relaxed now” She smiled.
“ I loved reading your mail and I read it again and again. I wanted more and more . I wanted to know more about your passions and likes/ dislikes “ She was curious like any other woman.
“ I told you whatever came to my mind. Now what do you wanna know? Ask me and I will tell you if I could”
“ Do you have any girl in your life?”
“ No, else I wouldn’t be talking to you”
“ Are you romantic ?”

“ I am a romantic in the sense that I love being in and with nature. I can walk miles alone at the bank of the river, being happy and thoughtful. . But if you are talking as in romantic with girl? Then I don’t know, never been with one to that stage”
“Have you ever thought about it?”
“ Well, yes, I always think if I have that girl in my life I would like to spend hours with her in presence of mother nature. Looking into her soul through her eyes, not saying any word “
“ O my gosh!…tell me what else?”
“ Walking with her in the trees during autumn, holding her hands and she leaning on my shoulders and we both talking about our past, present and future”
“ o gosh.! will kill me with these talks. Ayaz!!, where were you till now!! Where were you hiding!! “ she shouted.
“ What do you mean?” I laughed out.
“ You know what I mean. How come you are still single?!” she was energized like the toy with energizer battery.
“ I don’t know, for sure , why I am still single. First it is fate, second I was not ready to think about it because of my financial commitments, and third , girls of today do not marry because of words or just the feelings you have for them. They have evolved into more practical beings now” I was trying to convey my personal observations and experiences.
“ But you seem to be an honest guy, a professional, a man with feelings and a great sense of humor. How come girls have left you alone?”
“ You should ask this question to the girls. By the way, just to clarify I am no Richard Gere nor do I own a Ferrari. My bank balance is hardly enough to buy me an air ticket to Pakistan”
“ I am not looking for Gere or Ferrari” She sounded annoyed.
“ I am happy that you are not otherwise I would have you redirected. Are you sure you are a girl of today?..or a ghost from the medieval times” I laughed with sarcastic touch.
She did not respond.
“ Ok now don’t get mad at me because I speak the naked truth. Tell me about your passions and what do you wanna do in life?” I tried to switch the role.
“ You got scared, didn’t you” she was amused.
“ Yes I did, I don’t want to sound offensive but truth always offends someone. Anyways, lets go back to you. Answer my question”
“ My passions…I want to fall deeply in love with the guy who loves me. I am very romantic by nature”
“ Now I can understand those ‘gosh’ remarks “ I chuckled.
“ yea, this is why I could not control. I was happily surprised that you think the same way. Hmmm… so my other passion is dance. I love to dance”
“ and I want to be a doctor so that I can help people”
“ I am impressed”
“ Do you think I will be able to carry on these things in life” she wanted my confirmation.
“ If you are passionate about these things then you will. But be clear about your priorities. In life what we say is different than what we do and then we look for excuses.”
“ I will try to keep this in mind Ayaz, Thankyou”
“ You welcome!”.

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