“ Ayaz”
“you sure?”
“ I am scared ”
“scared? of what?”
“ you know it feels so good talking to you and it scares me if tomorrow I wake up and you are gone like a nice dream”
“ and why do you think I will be gone suddenly?”
“ I don’t know”
“ Listen leila, do not think about future with fear. If you think negatively, negative things are likely to happen.”
“ ok, I will try not to “
“ thats like a good girl. If you are still worried I can call you?”
“I would love to Ayaz, but….”
“ but you don’t trust me..right?”
“ no its not like that but you know my father does not like it. Guys are allowed to call me but I find it better if they don’t.”
“ and why is it so”
“ well he was brought up in a strict Pakistani household “
“ I think I can understand now, I come from similar background “
“ but he lived in Dubai for some time where he met my mother”
“ interesting!, and there he fell in love with her ?”
“ yes but their’s is a long tale. I will tell you someday”
“ I guess your mom is not Pakistani”
“ she is not, she belongs to an Indian Sikh family”
“ you sounded surprised Ayaz”
“ I am surprised because I have not come across any couple like this and may be I was not expecting this”
“ I know it is not very common thing specially in Pakistan or India..and for them too it was very hard to overcome the resistance from their families”
“ and they overcame that”
“yes they did because they were deeply in love”
“ your mom must be very beautiful “
“yes she is, am not saying just because she is my mother but she is really beautiful. Green eyes, honey complexion, long black hair, tall, slim, elegant like a dream princess.”
“ I imagined so “
“how ”
“ simple logic…your dad must have some real reason that he stood against his family and norms”
“intelligent Mr. Programmer”
“ thanks Leila, won’t you tell me their story?”
“ now?”
“ if you can”
“ ok, I will be back in one hour , ok?”
“ no problem, I will wait “.

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