Sufaid Jazeera ‘, a book that I liked, laughed while reading it and still remember the concept. Almost fifty years have passed since Nasim Hijazi wrote the book depicting the then current situation of Pakistan. People read it and liked it but they thought the fiction in the book might be relevant to the situations prevailing in late 50s and after few years it would be hard for readers to understand and relate to the book. A decade passed and a new generation grew up in the country, read the book and thought the same way. 70s and then 80s came along, the new generations came across this book and found it interesting how the writer had written something that fits the current situation in the country. One more decade and then another decade took us to the so awaited 21st century. So many things have changed in our country; ever increasing number of dishonest patriots, the booming industry of fanaticism, the ever rising poverty line, out of reach commodity prices, along with so many positive things that have changed the outlook of the country; the infrastructure, the industries, telecom boom, flourishing IT , financial institutions but ironically the generation thinks the same way about the book, the country still feels the same ‘Sufaid Jazeera‘ a drama screened on TV each decade, a re-make with new actors.