…for those of our men, women and children who left us because of the calamity that hit our cities on this very day two years ago. Lets pray to Allah that a calamity like that never hit any country on earth and wherever there is a living being. A day when everyone was praying to Allah with all the sincerity. Everyone away from the affected area was worried about the family, friends and countrymen living in that region. Sindh was crying for the innocent lives perished  thousand miles away in Bagh, Baluchistan could not eat because its brethern were hungry in Muzaffarabad, Punjab shared whatever it had to help the next door neighbours who went homeless and Frontier was preparing for war against the conditions that were to follow. Millions of eyes all over the world had tears even though many of them did not have any connection except being humans. For Pakistanis everywhere, their home was hit!. For few hours people sat in front of the TV sets trying to accept the news. Everyone was calling their loved ones there and it was heart breaking when they heard people being afraid to go inside the home. People did not know how to help the woman who was crying for help to save her kids, ever composed and calm people were trying hard not to show their inability to save a girl from under the rubble, and thousands saw a Pakistani diplomat bursting in tears when he was telling the media what happened. All those were real emotions…tears come out when you are in pain and everyone was in pain. But the time called for action and everyone stepped forward. People loaded the supplies in the trucks and started rolling towards the affected area. School children started raising funds and collecting supplies and donations. The poor gave half of his only meal of the day and the rich did not shy away from donating millions. People away from Pakistan started collecting supplies and raising funds helped by muslims and non-muslims of other countries. For the people in the affected region life was changed forever … so did it for many of us though in a different way.

Business Proposal

I am a successful busineseman
I never lose in a deal
Let me make the deal of my life.
Take all my degrees
Take all my achievements under the sun
Take my prayers of years
Take my fasting of months
Save a dying child
from under the rubble, in return

Two years have past, people in that region still suffer…
Lets try to lessen their sufferings even by contributing a penny to the ones who are helping there on the ground…..
and for those 74000 who could not survive……Lets say a little prayer!