“ yes?”
“do you like India”
“ as much as a common Pakistani does“
I laughed.
“ that means you don’t like India, right?”
“ seriously, I don’t like or dislike India or Indians but I do respect them. As long as they are not against Pakistan , I don’t have any problem”
“ anyways, so now you know story of my parents “
“ yes and I am impressed by both of them”

“ yes Ayaz, the way they love each other even now is remarkable”
“ I can imagine. How do they manage the differences, specially coming from two different religions? Has your mom converted to Islam?”

“ No, my mom has not converted to Islam. I don’t know how do they manage but they do it easily. My dad takes my mom to Gurdawara and arranges for any religious ceremony that mom is interested in. On the other hand, my mom goes to masjid with dad and prays there too. She observes the fasting in Ramadan and presses on us too.“

“and you , what do you and your siblings follow ?”

” well our parents taught us both and left it up to us. My elder sister follows only Islam strictly while my brother and I follow both.”
“ you know, it is really interesting and its admirable the way they care for each other”
“ yes sometimes I envy both of them. I wonder if I will ever get that kind of love in my life. I am not even sure of myself whether I will be able to do that kind of thing. It amazes me the way she does it.”
“ don’t worry Leila, I think you will be fine. you too will find a very good man”
“ Thanks Ayaz, I hope so too but so far all of experiences with love have been a serendipty. I have lost faith in love…well true love, but seeing my parents always restores my faith in it.”

“True, as I said I admire the way your parents prove their love in life. I would definitely like to meet them one day“

“If you come to the US of course you may meet them and if not i can tell them as well. You know they want me to marry a Indo or Paki man because they want me to preserve our cultures…which i want to do too. I want someone who will somehow relate to my belifes and love and respect me. I can probably find that in a non-desi man as well. But i would like to stay with a desi man.“

“what kind of qualities you looking for?”
“ I thought i had told u all of this. I want a man who is honest, trustworthy, caring, loving, passionate, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, open minded, respectful, my best friend as well as my lover, romantic,spontaneous, laid back, down to earth, has a nice smile, not obessive or possesive, strong yet a little sensitive, ummmmm..what else…..that’s all i can think of for now…off the top of my head.”
“such a short list…is that all!!?”

“oh yeah and a man who will respect my religious choices. I know for desis that can be hard, whether indian or pakistani.” she paused and then asked
“ Ayaz, tell me what do you want for yourself?”
“Just a girl! “
my response was instantaneous.
She laughed out loudly and kept laughing for next couple of minutes.

“you are hillarious Ayaz!. You know the way to a girl’s heart is to make her laugh. I know with your personality you can easily find a girl you want”
“ what if I already have found one? “ I tried to tease.
“ really?!”
“ you never know “
“ but you said there is no girl in your life”

“ yea but that was a while ago” I started to enjoy.
“ is she Pakistani?,”
“why you asking ?”

“ tell me , did your family select her for you?”
“ c’mon Leila, I was just joking”
“ Ayaz!”

“nothing, I need to go now “
“ you sure?”
“ yes I have to, I will write to you later”
“ alright, bye”
“ bye“
she logged off.

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