I felt bad as I knew she liked me and yet I teased her but that was not something that I could not make up for. I thought of sending an email.

“ Leila,

I think I know why you just disappeared abruptly. I was just kidding and teasing you. I will talk to you soon, till then take it easy and write me back.


I kept on thinking about the situation. Is she really so much into me? Or is she just playing around? In the morning her mail was there.

“ Dear Ayaz,

I am really sorry for my behaviour but I don’t know what happened to me. I have to admit when you told me about the girl, something was broken inside me. Suddenly I felt I have lost the most valuable man I have ever come across. I just could not control myself. I did not realize you have become so much important for me that I can not imagine myself living without you. I never felt like this before Ayaz. I did not have to work hard to overcome my ego and let you know all this.
I still don’t know clearly how you feel about me but please Ayaz, don’t joke like this again. You know from inside I am scared…scared of losing you . I don’t know how I got the courage to write all this to you but I know that you will understand. I do count you as one of the best friends too.
I don’t know how to hide my feelings for you…yesterday grandpa asked me “ why are you so pale. Looks like you have failed in final exams “. But I did not answer and went to sleep. I just wanted to be alone.
Tell me what to do, Ayaz!. Am I going crazy?

I will come online same time tonight.


Sharmeena “

I logged on to the chat and there she was, waiting.

“ How are you today? “ I started
“ ok, I guess and you?”
“ I am good, thanks “
“ Did you get my mail?”
“Yes I did and I read it couple of times”
“and.. I am sorry that I did that. I will try not to do that again”
“ Thanks Ayaz, but what I meant was, what do you think about the mail?”
“well…I am lucky that you like me, I like you too Leila…but “
“ but…”?? she did not want to wait
“..but why are you scared?”
“ I am scared because we have lot of differences Ayaz. 
 I am more scared by the thought that I may not be a complete girl for your family Ayaz. “
“ why?..I told you how I feel”
“ I know Ayaz but our differences are something that can not be easily overlooked”
“ I understand, but I hope some way will come out…somehow this issue will be resolved but before that we have long way to go”
I did not want her to weave her dreams blindly. I did not want her to be hurt if it were not to happen for any reason.
“ and by then if they choose a nice Pakistani muslim girl for you? Tell me …what will you do?. tell me..what will I do Ayaz…this thought scares me to death….I go numb “
“ Now stop thinking negatively!. “
“ I can not…I just can not”
“ so??? “
“ don’t know”
“ ok listen…you have my words…this will not happen. I am being honest with you. Till you are in my life, no girl will step into my life. My family can not pressurize me. So now please trust me and relax. Ok?”
” do you really mean it?”
” do you have any doubts?..yes silly I do mean it”
“ Ok…thanks Ayaz. I trust every word you say”
“Good! Now can we talk positively?”

She smiled.

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