August 2008

Alhamdolillah! Allah has blessed us with a chance of Ramadan fasting once again.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone on this planet and beyond.


کسی بھی شام کو اڑتے پرندوں سے کوئی پوچھے
کہ کیسا لطف دیتا ہے پلٹ کے اپنے گھر جانا

( شاعر نامعلوم )


One evening one may ask the flying birds
how much joy does it bring to return to home

( Anonymous )

In the middle of the night I ask myself
what will happen to Chile?
what will become of my poor, dark country?

From loving this long, thin ship so much,
these stones, these little farms,
the durable rose of the coast
the lives among the foam,
I became one with my country,
I met everyone of its sons
and in me the seasons succeeded one another,
weeping or flowering

I feel that now,
with the dead year of doubt scarcely over,
now that the mistakes that bled us all
are over and we begin to plan again
a better and juster life,
the menace once again appear
and on the walls a rising rancor

Pablo Neruda ( Translated by Alastair Reid )

ای کھ از دفتر عقل آیت عشق آموزی
ترسم این نکتھ بھ تحقیق ندانی دانست


O thou that learnest Love’s verse from reason’s book
I fear this subtlety by investigation, thou wilt not know

Hafiz Shirazi ( Translation by Henry W. Clarke )

ھم لوگ سمندر کے بچھڑے ہوئے ساحل ہیں
اِس پار بھی تنہائی، اُس پار بھی تنہائی

( شاعر نامعلوم )


We are like separated coasts of a sea
Lonely at this end, lonely at the other

( Anonymous )

It is August 13 and I just got an email from a nice young Pakistani 🙂 asking me to write something positive about Pakistan. I am just thinking what can I write positive about my motherland without being too biased. When I look back it amazes me how could this country still survive. A country that started with approximately 20 percent of the population and only 13 percent of resources ( from British India ), , over 7 million of Pakistanis moving in and over a million of corpses arriving as secular gift. When it opened its eyes Pakistan found itself surrounded by layers of enemies, from neighbours to the super powers and why not, it was the only country at that time that came into being based on a religious ideology, in a time when muslims were only supposed to fill the cups and take care of the horses. Naturally the country feared for its existence and security and had to build armed forces to defend itself ( though later it proved otherwise ).

In its history of 60 years it has gone through two major wars, two brief wars, three indirect wars ( USSR, Afghanistan, Taliban ), lost half of the country, encountered three major coups from dictators ( 50% of the time it was ruled by those dictators) and inside agents backed by super powers and then economic sanctions from the world…and look at this country!!….it shook but stood on its feet.. again and again. Why wouldn’t it annoy its enemies! they have tried direct methods and now that they saw direct may prove dangerous because of its nuclear capabilities then they started supporting illiterate and short sighted insiders to destroy their own home. Only a fool could do it and enemies found them at different places from government to highlands.

Against all those odds Pakistan remains a major player on the world map

Population : The sixth largest population of the world and expected to be the third largest by 2050. Those who think only numbers don’t work then look at China and India. Almost 60% of Pakistan’s population is in working age ( 15-64 yrs). An educated, skilled, and hardworking human resource to play big in the international market.

Technology : One of the seven declared nuclear powers in the world of 195 countries. If one thinks it was not that difficult then realize that in those days Pakistan was recovering from loss of half the country, did not have friendly governments that supported it blindly, did not have oil finances and above all a muslim state. To import a branded PC with math co-processor you needed an NOC. Credit goes to the Pakistanis who worked there and realized the unthinkable.

Economy and Growth : Despite the peace situation created by short sighted leaders ( army and politicians) and far sighted passionate enemies, Pakistan’s economy is growing at 5-6%. Growth in IT, Telecom sectors and manufacturing industries have attracted corporations from all around the globe.
At the same time we have to realize that foreign companies do not invest until they are very sure of the returns. There must be a reason that they are doing it even with the prevailing conditions.
Agriculture remains the backbone of Pakistan’s economy while minerals and metals are rapidly growing exports.

Geography : A heaven for mountaineer. Only a Pakistani can brag about having over 100 mountain peaks of over 7000m. We do take many things for granted when it comes to Pakistan. I had the opportunity not only to visit but live in few countries from deserts of middle east to lush greens of Europe to vast lands of North America and then I realized how lucky we are to have everything in our country…Sea, rivers, plains, plateaus, mountains,glaciers, passes, forests, desert…all within 3 hours of flight time.

I know media projects a bad view of Pakistan for obvious reasons and our own media becomes a part of it without realizing ( or may be they do ) that they are supporting the enemy’s agenda, but shouldn’t we clarify it with our own examples at personal level?. Lets do small things in our daily lives…

  • Lets set examples of justice and truth. Justice in every matter!.
  • Lets not joke that Pakistani time means 1 hour late, because all Pakistanis don’t do that.
  • Lets clarify with examples that Pakistani means as honest, intelligent and hard working as any other nation. ( I have experience of working with over 30 nationalities and this is based on my personal experiences )
  • Lets not mock at our education systems / institutions. Student from these institutions are proving themselves in every field at the global level.
  • Lets drive in lanes, stand in que and give the right of way. It changes the whole psychology of society.

Lets remember Quaid’s motto..

Unity, Faith , Discipline

…and say ameen to Iqbal’s prayer

جوانوں کو میری آہِ سحر دے
پھر ان شاہیں بچوں کو بال و پر دے
خدایا آرزو میری یہی ہے
میرا نور بصیرت عام کر دے

Enjoy the freedom and value it….not many people in the history had this blessing.

Allah bless Pakistan’s everyday and every soul! Ameen.

( The stats / figures/facts are as accurate as I have read/remembered. this is not a historical document but only my views 🙂 )

تم گدھ کے پجاری ہو
شیدائی ہو
محسنوں کے تم قاتل ہو
ہرجائی ہو
اپنے بھائیوں کا تم تو لہو بیچ کر
ماؤں بہنوں کی بچوں کی قیمت لگا
سرخرو ہو گئے
تم نے آقا کو سجدے کئے اس قدر
بھری دنیا میں بےآبرو ہو گئے
خون دے کے مٹی نے سینچا تمھیں
سمجھ کر کہ شمشیر کی نوک ہو
اس کو معلوم کیا
تم صرف جونک ہو
ریت کی دیوار ہو
نیم کردار ہو
شہیدوں کی لاشوں پہ رکھ کے قدم
ناموس کے بیوپاری بنے
ابلیس کے تم حواری بنے
پر مردار کے تاجر سنو
یاں بھوک ہے افلاس ہے پر ہار نہیں ہے
یہ دیس میرا دیس ہے بازار نہیں ہے


You are follower of vulture
its admirer
You are murderer of your benefactors
and disloyal
By selling the blood of your brothers
and putting a price on your mothers, sisters and children
you achieved success
You bowed down to your owner so many times
that you lost all dignity
This land strengthened you with its own blood
thinking that you will be its armor
but it does not know
you are just leeches
wall of sand
a mere weak character
Stepping on martyrs bodies
you traded the honor
you befriended the devils
listen o traders of carrion
There is hunger, poverty but not defeat
This is my country , not a bazaar!

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