Mumbai did not sleep last night, nor did Karachi. The least neighbours could do is shed few tears and from Peshawar to Karachi every eye had few.  The distance restrict our movements not our prayers that are with the people of Mumbai. More than 100 Killed and 300 injured in Mumbai by terrorists, people in human shapes who do not have any religion or any nationality but speak only one language – violence. Every Pakistani, every Afghan, every American and every British feels the pain of the Indians as they have gone through the same, some more than others. Innocent people are always caught up in the fire whether it is Mumbai or Karachi or Kabul or New York or London.

It is not right to expect that people who lost their loved ones will think objectively as to who could be behind these terrorist acts or what was their motive but it is essential that people around them act maturely specially the media and politicians, if they really wish to help rather than cashing it on. People who spread hatred in one form or another are training grounds for the terrorists. Media and politicians are as responsible for it as the people who fund these extremists.

I guess intelligence agencies always have an idea and they let it happen because they want it to. One kills 75 in Marriot Islamabad and the other might have settled the score in Delhi. One funds and arms separatists in Baluchistan and terrorists in tribal areas and the other might have responded in  occupied Kashmir and North Eastern India. Who wins? Not the people of the two nations directly involved. As people we have to open our eyes and go beyond what media shows us, that is the purpose of education. Media will only show what sells. They have their own interests and interests of those who really benefit from these events.

Whoever was behind the attacks had an objective, may be far deeper than what meets the eye. Muslim or Hindu religious extremists or any other politically motivated organization (no one knows till now) who carried out the attack may only be the pawns. The real masters might be sitting somewhere far from them having entirely different objectives and plans.

Ironically , a small part of the Indian media ( and of course special purpose international media ) and some of Indian politicians / commentators have started blaming it on Pakistan with proofs like the attackers had Visa cards through which their identity can be ascertained ( obviously towards Pakistan ). Similar accusations were put against the ones who were thought to be acting for India when RAW was thought to be involved in attacks on hotels and mosques in Pakistan. If this is true, then the Pakistani and Indian intelligence chiefs should be fired immediately and these agencies dismantled for having common sense at the real non-existent levels.

One has to look into these acts in an objective and unbiased manner. Can Pakistan benefit when Hotel Taj is fired upon? may be few people, but not the nation. Can India benefit when Marriott or Quetta burns? may be few, but not the nation. The people in RAW ( Research & Analysis Wing – Indian intelligence ), ISI ( Inter Services Intelligence-Pakistan intelligence ), and other intelligence agencies have huge interests in the region but ISI is unlikely to strive for the bad name by doing this and anyways it is over stretched in fighting the terrorists at home. Generally the parties involved do not kill each other, they like the innocent blood of the sacrificial lambs, the common innocent people. The people who benefit from these acts are the people who benefited from terrorism in Pakistan, from twin towers, from London attacks and from the wars.

All humans are one nation, all terrorists another. Neighbors may have disagreements but cannot hate each other so much so as to burn the house next to their own wall. A Pakistani cannot sleep when an Indian cries; an Indian cannot laugh when Pakistani is hurt.

The border defines our lands and our homes, not our values.

God bless and protect India , Pakistan and every country & place where humans live.


Making sense of Mumbai by Tariq Al-Maeena in Arab News Nov 29.