January 2009

One day you will be free again
of all the cruelties of invaders and occupiers
you have seen it many times
like Baghdad
like Kabul
like Kashmir
like sarajevo
invaded by monsters
hungry of hidden wealth
thirsty of innocent human blood
trampling the life
killing the innocence
creating more monsters
to engulf themselves
they came and went
leaving stories of their tyranny
on stained walls
but the cities are still here
Baghdad still breathes
Kabul still dawns
Kashmir still flows
You too will spring back
one day
when world will read
about your sacrifices
and will wonder why
six billion claimers of humanity
could not stop few thousand killers of children
who kept this world a hostage for years
but with moist eyes
you will smile at their questions
standing up
green and flourshing
oozing freedom
not very far
one day…………

( InshAllah!)

یہ سورج کیوں نکلتا ہے
گہرے بادلوں کے درمیاں
یہ سورج کیوں نکلتا ہے

اک خاموش بچے کو
پھر سے رلانے کو
تھکے ہارے ہوئے انسان کو
پھر سے جگانے کو
کئی معصوم لوگوں کو
غلط راہیں دکھانے کو
امیدیں رہ گئی تھیں جو
انہیں پھر سے گنوانے کو
یہ سورج کیوں نکلتا ہے

میرے خوابوں کو مجھ سے چھین کر
تم تو چلے جاتے
نہ ہوتی جو یہ شب کی سیاہی
ہم تو مر جاتے
ادھورے خواب، بہت سی ناامیدیں
چھوڑ جاتے ہو
سکوں جب آنے لگتا ہے
اسے پھر توڑ جاتے ہو

میری ان ناامیدوں کو بدلنے
اب نہیں آنا
کرن پل بھر کی میرے لئے
اب تم نہیں لانا
اے سورج اب اگر جاؤ
نہ واپس لوٹ کر آنا
اے سورج اب نہیں آنا

کھو نہ جانا“ سے “


Why does this sun rise
from the dark clouds
why does this sun rise

To make a peaceful child
cry again
To wake up
a dead tired man again
To show wrong paths
to many innocents
To make them lose
the hopes again
why does this sun rise

You strip me of my dreams
and go away
If it were not for dark nights
I would be dead
You leave
incomplete dreams and disappointments
When I start to be peaceful
you break it again

To change my disappointments
do not come again
Do not bring for me
a momentary ray of hope again
O sun if you go now
do not come back
O sun do not come again

from ” Kho na JanaCopyrights Reserved

سارے جہاں میں جانے کسے ڈھونڈتا رہا
اپنے ہی شہر میں، میں بہت اجنبی رہا

ویراں تھی چشم اور دلِ ناداں اداس تھا
موجوں میں کب سوائے یہاں تشنگی رہا

چھوڑا تھا ہاتھ تھام کے تم نے جس نگر
بھروسہ کسی پہ پھر نہ میرا اس گلی رہا

ہر روشنی کرن کی بلاتی تھی تیری اوڑھ
پھر بھی میں تجھ سے دور اے زندگی رہا

کھو نہ جانا“ سے “


In whole of the world I kept on searching for some one
becoming a stranger in my own town

Eyes dried out and foolish heart was sad
Sea waves give you nothing except the thirst

The town where you left me
I never trusted anyone in that town again

Light of every hope kept pulling me towards you
but I still stayed away from you O’ life

from ” Kho na JanaCopyrights Reserved

“O’People, The Prophet of Islam has said that if a believer sees a tyrannical ruler transgressing against Allah and his Messenger and oppressing people, but does nothing by word or action to change the situation, then it will be just for God to place him where he deservingly belongs. Do you not see to what low level the affairs have come to, do you not observe that truth has not adhered and falsehood has no limits. And as for me, I look upon death but a means of attaining martyrdom. I consider life among the transgressors an agony and an affliction”.

Hazrat Imam Hussain ( AS )

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Half of the world’s population that finally rose against injustice in 1939-45 does not find words any more for innocent adults, women, children and infants being cornered and targeted by Jet fighters and Tanks in Palestine for last 60 years. In last hundred years planet Earth has seen enough of holocausts

Palestinian Holocaust ( 1948 – ?? )
Bosnian Holocaust ( 1992-1996 )
European Holocaust ( 1939-1945)
Ukranian Holocaust ( 1932-1933 )
Asian Holocaust ( 1937-1945 )
Armenian Holocaust ( 1915-1917 )

65 years ago World showed some morals but now it is still watching helplessly; too busy in economy melt down, it does not have words nor tears for any holocaust any more.

Here is an article ” On an ongoing Holocaust

Billions around the globe celebrate the new year on different dates and times with Jan 1 as a major symbol of this ‘ritual’. More than celebrations it is the hopes for the coming days that people count on. Every year the world hopes that there will be humanity on earth but many times people are disappointed that some of the fellow humans are still light years away from humanity.
With majority of world population on one side events have happened despite wishes of ‘ happy new year’
Genocide of Palestinians conitnues, yesterday it was Sabra Shateela, today it is Gaza.
Atrocities in Kashmir see no end.
Darfur still seems to need innocent blood.
Occupation of land and properties of people of Iraq and Afghanistan continues .
People kill in the name of religion : Christians burnt alive in India, Muslims tortured and killed by Israel,Muslims killed in Indian Gujrat, Muslims killed in Bosnia, Jews Segregated and killed in Europe, Muslims killed by so called Muslims in areas of Pakistan-Afghanistan. No matter who is killed, humanity loses its spirit, its innocence.

January , Muharram , Pin Yin, Diwali, Nawruz, Rosh Hashanah or any other year start marks the new hopes of mankind for its future.

Lets pray

May we have few months,
if not few months, few weeks
if not few weeks, few days
if not few days, even a single day
when not a single human is killed by another human atleast on this planet

Ovidius once said ” My hopes are not always realized , but I always hope”.

Allah bless us all in the year 2009 and beyond ( Ameen )!