One day you will be free again
of all the cruelties of invaders and occupiers
you have seen it many times
like Baghdad
like Kabul
like Kashmir
like sarajevo
invaded by monsters
hungry of hidden wealth
thirsty of innocent human blood
trampling the life
killing the innocence
creating more monsters
to engulf themselves
they came and went
leaving stories of their tyranny
on stained walls
but the cities are still here
Baghdad still breathes
Kabul still dawns
Kashmir still flows
You too will spring back
one day
when world will read
about your sacrifices
and will wonder why
six billion claimers of humanity
could not stop few thousand killers of children
who kept this world a hostage for years
but with moist eyes
you will smile at their questions
standing up
green and flourshing
oozing freedom
not very far
one day…………

( InshAllah!)