I am one of the billions, probably trillions, of human beings who have inhabited this planet at different times. I consider myself as one of the most blessed ones who have walked on the face of the earth with faith, health, freedom, family, love, friends, education and technology.

And yes, I do believe in evolution but do not agree with Mr. Darwin…and I have proof too :).

18 Responses to “Zios”

  1. @sm@ Says:

    what proof??

  2. zios Says:

    He thought complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time but I think I have evolved to be simple from complex origins 😀
    For visualization, I have passport copy as proof:-P

  3. Shahrzad Says:

    Very amazing introduction lol. I liked. Thank you. It is the first good words i read today and refreshed my mind and made me happy and energic. Thank you
    Stay hopeful, faithful and beautiful 🙂

  4. zios Says:

    Shahrzad..Thankyou!…First of all فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ :). When we look around we just see blessings of Allah, when we look into ourselves the blessings within us amaze us. I think even a single flower at the road side is good enough to feel positive about life let alone all the blessings in the universe that we will never know.:)…
    yep inshAllah
    hopeful…because hope is life..the end of hope in this world means one is dead.
    faithful…because I know I do exist because Allah has created me. I can not deny my own existence and
    beautiful….My Allah has not created anything that does not have beauty in it..though sometimes we can not see.

  5. Umm LOL Cats Says:

    That’s a pretty positive intro.

  6. skzworldofdreams Says:

    You are Mashallah an amazingly positive person. 🙂
    Kewl!! 😛

  7. hmcahyo Says:

    woow nice blog – esepecially the photos are bautiful… 🙂

    may i add to my blogroll?


    just another indonesian blogger

  8. nayni Says:

    Aray kitna pyara blog hae aap ka MashaAllah!!!!

    Great choice of words ….and if these words are yours then wah jee wah !!!

    Keep blogging!
    God Bless you!

  9. Nadeen Says:

    Very interesting blog – Good translations!

  10. Zios Says:

    Nayni…shukrya! specially for ‘wah jee wah’…I take full responsibility of expressions in My Works 😀

    Nadeen… Thanks… translations are real difficult for me which one can see in mine…effectively I have to write two poems at once -:)

  11. Nadeen Says:

    I do a lot of writing on my pages too – check them out if you like – just click on my name.

  12. The Ruler Says:

    there should be more people like you. happy, positive and optimistic 🙂

  13. Zios Says:

    Ruler…Thanks..world is full of people having different attributes that makes is beautiful. 🙂 Welcome to my blog!

  14. sana saleem Says:

    one should always think positive and count their blessings. Its one art which never fails u and feeds u with immense strength even in times of grief. I hope that your faith remains steady and grows with time 🙂
    PS: we have the same blog theme for now 😀

  15. madeeha Says:

    nice photos…. um can u please tell me.. do u shot just nature or sme brides also.. 😀

  16. Zios Says:

    Madeeha….Thanks…I can try on natural brides 😛 😀

  17. Asiya Says:

    Read few of your writings and found you to be a very positive person.

    Have one question in mind that came after reading few of your stories. Can somewhen really be that much sincere, honest and deep as your male characters portray? Hardly to believe if there is a possibility…

  18. spotlesssoul Says:

    WoW. What an introduction, mashAllah =)
    Interesting stuff here at your blog.

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