Eid Mubarak!

Wishing everyone on this planet and beyond

‘A Very Happy Eid’

Remember! we sacrificed our today for your tomorrow


گنگناتی فضاّ
گیت گاتی ندی
لہلہاتی ہوا
دل لبھاتی پون
مسکراتی کرن
سب تیری ہی تصویر کے رنگ ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔


The humming environment
The singing river
The gleeful air
The heartening current
The smiling ray
All are colors of your reflection….

“O’People, The Prophet of Islam has said that if a believer sees a tyrannical ruler transgressing against Allah and his Messenger and oppressing people, but does nothing by word or action to change the situation, then it will be just for God to place him where he deservingly belongs. Do you not see to what low level the affairs have come to, do you not observe that truth has not adhered and falsehood has no limits. And as for me, I look upon death but a means of attaining martyrdom. I consider life among the transgressors an agony and an affliction”.

Hazrat Imam Hussain ( AS )

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Half of the world’s population that finally rose against injustice in 1939-45 does not find words any more for innocent adults, women, children and infants being cornered and targeted by Jet fighters and Tanks in Palestine for last 60 years. In last hundred years planet Earth has seen enough of holocausts

Palestinian Holocaust ( 1948 – ?? )
Bosnian Holocaust ( 1992-1996 )
European Holocaust ( 1939-1945)
Ukranian Holocaust ( 1932-1933 )
Asian Holocaust ( 1937-1945 )
Armenian Holocaust ( 1915-1917 )

65 years ago World showed some morals but now it is still watching helplessly; too busy in economy melt down, it does not have words nor tears for any holocaust any more.

Here is an article ” On an ongoing Holocaust

Billions around the globe celebrate the new year on different dates and times with Jan 1 as a major symbol of this ‘ritual’. More than celebrations it is the hopes for the coming days that people count on. Every year the world hopes that there will be humanity on earth but many times people are disappointed that some of the fellow humans are still light years away from humanity.
With majority of world population on one side events have happened despite wishes of ‘ happy new year’
Genocide of Palestinians conitnues, yesterday it was Sabra Shateela, today it is Gaza.
Atrocities in Kashmir see no end.
Darfur still seems to need innocent blood.
Occupation of land and properties of people of Iraq and Afghanistan continues .
People kill in the name of religion : Christians burnt alive in India, Muslims tortured and killed by Israel,Muslims killed in Indian Gujrat, Muslims killed in Bosnia, Jews Segregated and killed in Europe, Muslims killed by so called Muslims in areas of Pakistan-Afghanistan. No matter who is killed, humanity loses its spirit, its innocence.

January , Muharram , Pin Yin, Diwali, Nawruz, Rosh Hashanah or any other year start marks the new hopes of mankind for its future.

Lets pray

May we have few months,
if not few months, few weeks
if not few weeks, few days
if not few days, even a single day
when not a single human is killed by another human atleast on this planet

Ovidius once said ” My hopes are not always realized , but I always hope”.

Allah bless us all in the year 2009 and beyond ( Ameen )!

There was silence on every street in Pakistan…and tears in every Pakistani eye.
37 years may be a very long time to heal the wounds..but not long enough to forget your brothers and sisters who parted their ways

تیری جدائی کے رستے یہاں سے گزرے ہیں
ہم نے روکا بھی نہیں، تم بھی بے وفا نکلے
ہم نے دیوار تو کیا، در بھی نہیں رکھا ہے
اب جو آؤ تو کہیں کوئی نہ شکوہ نکلے


You parted your ways right from here
We did not stop, you were not faithful either
We have not even kept door, let alone walls
Now if you return, you won’t have any complaint

“This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed MY favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”

– Quran – Al Maida (5:3)

“There is no day on which Allah frees more people from the Fire than the day of Arafat. He comes close and expresses His pride to the angels saying, ‘What do these people (the Hajis) want?”

“It ( Fasting on Youm-e-Araafat ) expiates the sins of the previous year and that of the following year.”

– Prophet Muhammad ( SAW ) ( Saheeh Muslim)

After concocting an unbelieveable story through some irreponsible and paid media, RAW and its close allies are suspected to have resorted to violence in Pakistan . When killing of 200 innocent Indians, including those honest officials who could bring the truth to light, could not trigger war ( thanks to the neighbouring countries), the special purpose trio is determined to spread violence. This time city of Peshawar in Pakistan was hit with blasts that killed tens of innocents.  Mumbai and Peshawar had to pay the price to fulfill the dreams of those few who are supporting terror in and around both the countries.

Here is how an Indian sees the Mumbai attacks

I wish and hope the people and sincere officials from both sides will be able to take matter in their own hands and, despite the outsider’s efforts, will make whole of the region a peaceful and flourishing region, like it was hundreds of years ago.

The day whole of the nation cried together, second time in our country’s history…

May Allah save us from all calamities.

Allah bless the souls that went before us…and those who suffered…and all of us.

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