Thousand Islands

The header picture is either mine or by one of my friend as acknowledged above.

15 Responses to “Header Image”

  1. Noor Says:


  2. zios Says:

    Thankyou!..Dunya Khubsoorat Hai! 🙂

  3. Noor Says:

    i don’t know abt duniya but yes this pic is beautiful, u take nice pics:)

  4. Noor Says:

    now i know why u love canada, i love these pictures specialy the one with banch:) see usa in not like that.. may b it is but i cant see that.. take care

  5. a s m a Says:

    this car pic is awesome 🙂

    The torontian (eh??) tress are awesome !

  6. Noor Says:

    loved this picture these are my fav flowers:) i loved all the pics, want to take pics of pak but halaat are khuraab here kher lahore is cool as usual but people have changed

  7. Noor Says:

    awww look at this pic, so fresh:) where are you btw??

  8. Noor Says:

    wow what a beautiful shaam 🙂

  9. aashely Says:

    an amazing image

  10. Zios Says:

    Aashley…Thankyou!…it was beautiful indeed. 🙂

  11. Noor Says:

    Wow soooooooo cool.. beautiful pic MASHAALLAH

  12. Noor Says:

    Aaalllaaaaaaa Pic:)

  13. Noor Says:

    Its a beautiful pic:)

  14. Assalamoalaikum

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂 and your comment..

    I think I have a good sense of photos too, I just dont ahv the right camer :S just a piddly 12.1 Mega pixels digital camera, my husband told me to prove myself n then hell upgrade it to a “real” one 😀 I lov the picture and I will be dropping by more often. I am a new comer into blogging, a mere less than one month old, but im settling 🙂

    P.S Im a traveller too but I live for some time where i travel too. InshaAllah Im looking forward to hearing more from you..

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